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the deep boy – 3am freestyle lyrics



you know it’s around this time that i’m deep in ma tots
deep in ma feelings
just hear me out and don’t mind the beat fella thing it’s a stolen beat you know .haha


life go be easy if someone left behind a manual.
i woke up this morning adey feel suicidal
make a hang,make a take a pill
is this a dream,dummy this is real
life dey hate on a niqqa eye
etan mani ..
it dey resemble your eye bro ..
3s3 wani.
mehn ano for talk bunch
i’m in a dark place d-mn ano dey see
happiness accelerating
wey ma chest bore
hehe. ma heart brake …
adonko shots were taking
buh eno hit me ..
buh still a niqqa ain’t safe
abi douche bag …abi douche bag
na abi biggie buh now elef ma 2 pac
ebi duplex ebi duplex
two sides to a niqqa
so tell me ..
why you picking on me
devil ano so job so why you tripping on
think is a game ..
you figa this shi bi konami
you dey make adey see salmon
wo ma me hono amani
buh still,in ma darkest night i see the light
eno be clear but ego bright
tables turn bridges burn we live and learn …
heh .. deep you still man ..
i cut through the veins so no blood clot
it’s all green it’s all green light no red stop ..
they say knowledge is power so no more ghost
and ma bars don’t take shots it’s all toast ..
less apreiciated …instead agitated
mama i’m gon make it
through the nights …
it’s a cold world ..
let the coal burn ..
now it’s the truth ma soul yearn
ma dream to be a better man
oh ..not a bitter man ..
i’m stuck on some vitamin ..

you know i call thus the time project
so more chunes for your head top
so watch how you speak on ma name