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the expendables – filthy dub lyrics


oh yeah

check this one
you wanna feel how we feel?
if you want to feel it, we feel it’s the real deal, yeah
you wanna see how we ride?
nice and easy, it’s so easy when
you wanna see how we roll?
check it out and take a little stroll, well
you wanna see how we groove?
always improve, when i’m in the right mood

it’s a collaboration
expendables and dub creation

so how we roll?
if you want to check it
you better take another look
’cause you know we will get wicked
when we straight kick it
all the people come and may come check it

at the same time, it’s so mellow
that’s how i keep such arabell-os, well
i keep it real, i keep it chill, (keep it chill)

woah, woah, woah, oh


got to stay in control, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

yeah, yeah

long time people feel we
up in the sc, yeah
i come from the east side