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the feederz – love in the ruins lyrics


get a good job, one that will last
spend the next 50 years, tongue jammed up the boss’ ass
or i can be my own boss, be my own cop too
f+ck myself in the b+tt and beat myself black and blue
no i’d rather get by lollies taking life in my own hands
while the boss steals my time i’m stealing what i can

when you see me on the street, do my looks annoy you?
take a real good look at what’s going to destroy you
i found i like being a problem playing at your fall
what you gonna do about it? you can’t k!ll us all
i’m an enemy and you’re the f+ckin pigs
ever think that these machines might bе lighting more than cigs?

remembеr us from moss side or was it paris ’68?
fires too close for comfort? it’s just practice for your wake
we’re playing new games now, riots every day
your end’s around the corner, so have a nice day
we’ll be destroying the morals that make us your slaves
we’ll be k!lling cops and bosses, and f+cking on your graves

no more cops, no more work, no more bosses, no more money, no more politics, no more sacrifices, no more wasted time, no more mommies, no more religions, no more boredom, no more orders, no more bad jokes, no more of this sh+t