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the foreign exchange – asking for a friend lyrics


[intro (4x)]

[verse 1]
i have no time to socialize
you silly fools i sympathize, i work
my fancy car, my lovely flat
no leisure time, no time for that, i work
in my city, they have a ball
but no not me cause after all i work
my friend paul is stopping by
so where’s the party, he’d like to try and work

[hook (2x)]
tell me where’s the party
i don’t know, i’m asking for a friend
and if you like to party
we can hit the floor and go again

[verse 2]
on your toes
move your body as you’re supposed to work
(work your body, rock that body)
you wear your hearts all on your sleeve
i scoff at you cause i believe in work
(work that body, work your body)
big bossom girl, her name’s yvette
she’s so so fine and going to get this work
(work your body, hurt somebody)
my best friend paul is a bit of fright
but wants to find a party tonight, let’s work
(work your body, rock that body)

[hook (4x)]