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the game – change your life lyrics


“change your life”
(feat. bws)

[verse 1: ar]
a-r n-gg-, what
f-ck your baby momma, f-ck all of her friends then i nut
i’m a nut, follow me on twitter
n-gg- don’t be that bitter
if that’s your girl, then i f-ck
n-gg- i smash it, p-ss it
from the goods down to the kardashians
got stamps on my p-ssport, stripes on my record
but that don’t mean i can’t get her naked, check it
forty thou for my necklace, wrist so reckless
tell your girl i got a hard d-ck for them wet lips
tell her to s-x this, tell her to text this
tell her to pick me up, in her ex sh-t

[verse 2: game]
not for long, graduated from stanford, so i hear “game strong”
she look good dressed, you should see her in a thong
get her so wet, she could bubble up a bong
-ss so right, make a n-gg- wanna tap that
p-ssy so tight, fit my head like a snap back
almost fell in love, but a n-gg- had to snap back
pimp hand strong, tell her goldie from the mack back

[verse 3: nu jerzey devil]
mr. red bottoms, nah, you ain’t like me
catch me with a fly white b-tch, ice-t
who at your girl crib chillin’? sh-t i might be
you ain’t heard jerz p i m p
see actin’ c-cky, so i threw on the mag
put her -ss down like a 6-4 rag
she wanna cuddle and keep, but get around
so i told her i only got one night in this town

[hook: game (& kanary diamonds)]
stars are lit on nights
time to put the bottles in the ice
give me one night, i can change your life, right
girl tell me what you want

(everything comes with a price
i just want a little time, let me be your wife
i’ve been waiting for this moment all my life
give it to me how i want it, you know how i want it)

[verse 4:]
started off with dust, now i got duckets
my b-tch see a benz, but i treat it like a buck
drop that -ss off, better keep the meter running
got 3000 hits, derek jeter motherf-ckers
now rockin’ with the greatest
all my number 4 jordans, go buy the ace of spade sh-t
and these blood diamonds, cause a blood rhyming
cold as 4th quarter n-gg-, i’m a call them blood bryant

[verse 5:]
the newest everything, welcome to flight school
she hates home depot, i bet she like tools
you know i ride smooth, that maserati sick
i need a parachute, baby i’m high as sh-t
got all this f-ckin’ ice, i need a hockey stick
n-body f-ckin’ with me, no, i ain’t sellin’ [?]
we getting h-lla bent, h-ll let the liquor talk
3 card monte tell that b-tch we ice cards

[verse 6: td]
now a n-gg- on, all these hoes wanna bother me
td please, can you get us up in colony?
all they wanna do is pop spades with the crew
cause we pour the mob deep, without havoc or prodigy
next day she like “you owe me an apology”
i’m like “what for? ”
she like “why you unfollow me? ”
since we bringing up old sh-t
last time you gave me head, b-tch why you ain’t swallowing?


[verse 7:]
the poor paper hustler, motherf-cker give it to me, i can sell that
the homie sits around a whole lot of fly b-tches, thinkin’ i got held back
i left the crib and told momma i had a vision
and called your b-tch up and told her i’m back pimpin’
my n-gg- chuck hit me, i told him i had a verse
he told me it’s only 8, i told him i make it work

[verse 8:]
i be on my macbook, internet pimpin’
skyping with 2 naked b-tches, trying to get a visit
i chat to her ipad, so [?]
i keep the snake on my head, these dudes are swallowin’ my future

[verse 9;]
one night, my neck bright and my wrists glisten
fresh to death, get dressed at the mortician
tore life, my wife, your entertainment
baby i can make you famous

[verse 10:]
yeah, you know i’m laughin’ at you n-gg-s
trippin’ on them hoes, spendin’ cash on them b-tches
tippin’ on them hoes, i’m an -ss on them sixes
models on the phone, gettin’ head, i’m chillin’
big bottle poppin’, the money in the building
take this b-tch over, sh-t that’s how a n-gg- feeling
fistful of rozay, yeah a n-gg- get it
now i’m trying to find a wife with all these motherf-cking women