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the game – dreams (street remix) lyrics


(feat. kanye west, notorious big)

[kanye west]
yo wh-ssup this is kanye-to-the
y’know good music is in the building
the roc is in the building
i just called, called to shoutout my dawg game
chillin in the streets right now
that “dreams” joint is crazy
we gotta get, get started on our next joint my n-gg-

[notorious big]
it was all a dream…
(was it all a dream?) [2x]
(was it all a dream?) dream (dream) dream (dream) dream
(was it all a dream?) ( [jay-z:] “it was all a dream”) [3x]

[notorious big]
it was all a dream; i used to read word up magazine
salt’n’pepa and heavy d up in the limousine
hangin pictures on my wall
every sat-rday, rap attack – mr. magic, marley marl
i let my tape rock ’til my tape popped
smokin weed and bamboo, sippin on private stock
way back, when i had the red and black lumberjack
with the hat to match
(jay-z: “it was all a dream”) duh-ha, duh-ha
you never thought that hip-hop would take it this far
now i’m in the {dream} cause i rhyme {dream}
time to get paid, blow up like the world trade
born sinner, the opposite of a winner
remember when i used to eat sardines for dinner
peace to ron g, brucey b, kid capri
funkmaster flex, lovebug starsky
i’m blowin up like you thought i would
call the crib, same number same hood, it’s {dream}

[the game]
aaliyah had a {dream} left eye had a {dream}

[notorious big]
and if you don’t know, now you know
it was all a dream ( [jay-z:] “it was all a dream”) [4x]
it was all a dream