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the game – i remember lyrics


(feat. young jeezy & future)

[hook: game (future)]
it’s been a long d-mn time since a n-gg- sold dope
but if you put a brick right in front of me, i remember
makin’ sure they in the triple beam, i remember
blow the fully auto magazine, i remember
(i done f-cked so many b-tches that i can’t remember names
but if you put that p-ssy right up in my face, i remember
drop that p-ssy down on the floor, i remember
the way she coppin’ down on the floor, i remember)

[verse 1: game]
pop the p-ssy, don’t play with it
i don’t care if kanye hit it, i don’t care if jay hit it
i’m a eat it up and i’m a lay with it
we shot a chopper at the gun range
got stupid cars, got dumb change
red bottoms, let the tongue hang
got an off-white porsche, c-m stain
i’m whippin’ work (i remember)
roll up that purp (i remember)
pour up that syrup (i don’t remember)
(how tunechi had that purple slushy comin’ out that blender)
got a keisha, got a rhonda
got a nisha, got a tanya
met a tishaun, met a honda
and i eat her anaconda
got condoms in that condo
got kush breeded in rondo
still hit me up for that blow
you already know


[verse 2: young jeezy]
drop top ‘rari sh-t, i drove it like i stole it
the lambo in the shop, told my b-tch to range rove
microwave broke, so a n-gg- had to stole’d it
dropped it off to my auntie, told her hold it
i’m posted right now, posted in this gucci link
7 dead, 30 mill, wonder what kool g think
quotes not h-ssles (i remember)
now it’s the middle of june, and it’s snowing like december
if it get into the ‘sacs in your hood, i could mend ya’
ya’ n-gg- talkin’ reckless on your song, i’ll revenge ya’
pull up to the club in a phantom, i had a vision
break ’em all down on my [?], end of vision


[verse 3: future]
pop that p-ssy up in that hydraulics (what’s that)
6 4, throw that brick inside a pot and cook it, whip it good though
baking soda inside of her bowl, hey yo, watch me blow
promethazine mixed with a sprite, poor it foo’
been sippin’ syrup all night, and i get higher than a plane
yeah i remember your p-ssy girl, but i don’t know your name
i got diamonds hanging off, they can talk of the insane
ever since i gave her that molly, man that girl ain’t been the same
better pop p-ssy for a real n-gg-
that’s on the way, i’m a deal with ya
i’m a real boss, that real sauce
don’t try me b-tch, i will floss
that’s real talk, my top off, i’m throw it off
h-m- that green [?] plate go (chronic)
i hustle take no days off