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the grinning man – the smiling song lyrics


and then, with sudden clarity, you’re him and he is you
and then you see that all the people round you feel that too

and all at once their voices split the silence like a knife
a shout of triumph from the heart
the pure laughter of life

i’ve been smiled at
you’ve been smiled at
once small smile can change your world

dea, take me back to the place
where once we were lost in the snow

father, what have they done to you?
let me bandage your wounds for you

i felt nothing ‘til i felt his bleeding cheek
now my life has been transfigured by a freak

everyone wants to see grinpayne
where on earth can you be, grinpayne?

i’m still smiling
you’re still smiling
grinning like a bag of pearls

the grinning man has changed my life again
i wish that he would change it back again
he’s so ugly-beautiful it makes me want to scream
he has made a nightmare from what could have been a dream

grinpayne has turned my world upside down
i can’t believe that filth-ridden clown
now will be wearing my velvet gown
stolen away the day i was almost a lord

bury your pain
and start life again
in a world beyond your dreams

all my fortune disappeared like that
since i put a penny in that motherf-cker’s hat
now he’s got my t-tle and my sword and all my land
and he’s got my sister, which is more than i can stand

everyone who sees him is amazed
at the grisly beauty of his face
a mutilated angel and a devastating freak
hand on heart we promise he is totally unique

oh, josiana, what did she see?
could i see dea the way she saw me?

hallelujah praise the grinning man
he’s the greatest freak in all the land
where is our sweet grinning
swept off our feet grinning
fresh from the teat grinning
goes down a treat grinning
we want to eat grinning
hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah
hallelujah praise the grinning man