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the holstar – spirit of a champion lyrics


verse 1
i was told i can never make it but look at me i’m here/
i was told i can never be sober but i’ve been sober for years/
been living my life, rolling down the road the toughest lane (rolling down the toughest lane)/
losing hope when it’s low-key, hammered by thor like its loki/
raised by brothers, raised by sisters, both arms and both feet/
i’m an icon, threw me rope and i proceeded/
victory ours never defeated, the bulls in ’93 – we three peated/

i’ll never give up on you love, my p-ssion/
i’ll never give up on us, trust/
this here is believing/
i’ll never give up
i’m a champion
my life’s mission
you know that you’re my sole (soul?) ambition/
you’ll never hear me say no/
all i ever say is yes/

verse 2
i can never say no (no), it’s not in my vocabulary (yes)/
give more, take less and i been blessed; no stress from the cursed i invested/
the wheel of life it keeps turning, the fire inside it keeps burning/
keep hustling, keep earning – for life, i wifed the game – i’m not the same, i better than yesterday/
al kan-i said, how can i blame it – i’m living this life to the full, living this life to the full/
living this life like the wise, i was never a fool; using my tools to construct, its luck, its hope, its dope, lose no sleep/
till i rest, give respect to the whole z – o.g/