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the huge class – hu$tle lyrics


hustle (x32)

handling business since i was in 3rd grade more than half of my life
mental sharp as a blade
never afraid, snitches end up in a grave
hustlin hard be my day job
make it rain lotta water drop
won’t stop till i reach a top
run up on me and get shot
you never get it cus u front a lot
tried a day but u burned the spot
your type if people get popped
it ain’t no game yo the streets is hot
and i kid you not
pays more when u play it smart
i done made more than i thought
owe my hustle everything i got

hustle (x16)

wrestling with the wrestlers
boxing with the boxers
smoking up with the rastas
focused on the pasta
mula gettin daily bread the mission
get your guap up and relieve the tension
keep a couple queens up in my section
bomb b+tches who need my attention
wide selection but i’m picky picky
she look chill but get freaky with me
love making by the chimney
no limit in the way i’m living
f+ck you think that i’m playing
what are you saying?
they call me saddam hussein
drop bombs every time i talk
owe my hustle everything i got
hustle (x8)