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the infamous rks – the eulogy lyrics


bbpmg, rks

[verse 1]
ima be the voice that this generation is missing
ima spit what’s in my heart, i could care less if they’re dissing
they gon’ tell me that i’m preaching like i’m teaching a sermon
but from what i’m observing
everyone’s addicted to sinning
i’m worried most about the current state of affairs
i don’t know if we’re desensitized or just don’t care
but as the weather changed from snow to rain and thunder
the six seen 35 bodies six feet under
and those are just the numbers for 2015 alone
in 4 years, a 137 never made it home
what bothers me the most is that it’s something that we never say
we brush it off like it’s just another day
and these kids talking bout bodies falling like the leaves of autumn
and they praising the mans that caught em
these youngin’s getting cut up for their toast and b-tter
and every evening they be falling like the shutters
and the queens snake the kings so the knights jack the pawns
and they be sending dead bodies back to their moms
i got one question, what’s the point of it son?
you gun him down while he’s dashing and now you on the run
it’s a never ending cycle
and since the hoop dreams deflated all they doing is jump mans like michael
i know this ain’t chicago but it’s a close 2
and like john river i got hope for my city too but
how many bodies gotta fall before we pay attention?
how many kids on life support before we learn our lesson?
understand that every life is a blessing
and ima keep saying this until we finally get the message
we’re all sisters and brothers
our only downfall is that we can’t uplift each other so
make the most of your opportunities
before your best friend is told to write your eulogy
i just pray my bars resonate
take y’all to a better place
so we don’t have souls levitating up to heaven’s gates
and we can’t point fingers man we’re all involved
let’s try to make a change and stop the violence once and for all