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the infinite source – deadshot vs batman lyrics


[deadshot: don’t take this personally]
[batman: yet another wannabe bat+k!ller]
[deadshot: +sigh+ let’s get this over with]
[intro out]
[deadshot+verse 1]
look deadshot they miss me
suicide squad mob
leave the haters tongue+tied
snipe shot heart throb
never short on bullets, got one waitin in the chamber
rainin down on my opponents
all your gadgets warning danger
it’s the red alert
curtains closed
that’s a wrap hit man
close range battle
watch me switch it into ip man
floyd coming fresh with the flow and the disses
i’m spittin like a heater
have you sleepin’ with the fishes
[batman+verse 1]
big money bruce on the the scene+they know there is no other
appear behind you in the darkness
like ya boi was undercover
bat tracks goin’ platinum
just like the wrists
blinged out like a boss+shot’s broke as a b+++h
who do the streets belong to?!
we all know the truth son
i’ve got gotham on my bat
and i’m swinging for the home run
find me in the cave+maybe chillin sippin trainin’
take a break to beat you down
then buy an island in the caymans
[deadshot: you’re tougher than i expected]
[batman: how’d you think this would go?]
[intermission end]
[deadshot+verse 2]
your pop stacked it for you
we get it
you got the cash flow
but lawton’s got the last word
how you goin’ spend it from the dirt tho?
dream of ammunition then bring it all to fruition
watch the shot hit the front page+
slain wayne edition
talk about your billions boi why you such a cheapskate?
they called it in the comments+
floyd finna drop a mixtape
bust up in the mansion
drop a chandelier
i gotchu
leave a bullet on the pillow
just so alfred know who shot you
[deathstroke+verse 1]
step aside bat but when i’m done with him you’re up next
precision k!llin combo 2 for 1
that’s a slade flex
supervillain status untouchable like my vest
i’m the best
armor piercing rounds going through the chest
the greater of the assassins
promise both of you you’ll get popped
headshot, deadshot, about to leave him lead locked
deathstroke the legend, articulate with the disses
dismantle a hater thoroughly
and i never leave a witness