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the internet – she dgaf lyrics


she dgaf

[verse 1:]
her state of mind is constantly changing
to h-ll and back
she drives, switching lanes
not knowing what she has till she knows where she’s going
if she can just get p-ssed this traffic
she tries and tries to peace of mind
but these days? in your face
so she stays?
blowin’ smoke in the sky
cause it’s her only vice
i wonder why

she blows smoke in the air, in the air, in the air
cause she don’t give a f-ck [x4] no
she shaved off all of her hair, of her hair, of her hair
cause she don’t give a f-ck [x4] no

[verse 2:]
some people seen the way she is changing
they don’t know the struggles that she was raised with
so shut the f-ck up
just shut the f-ck yup
stop thinking that you know everything
you don’t and you never will so just let it go
and be free as long as you’re kind and and you’ve been born with the fight
so don’t wonder why