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the jacka – jihad lyrics



[verse 1: husalah]

[verse 2: h ryda]

[verse 3: the jacka]
this sh-t is so dope mane
they think i’m on cocaine
all i do is smoke pain
you’ll be here one day

they took my lil n-gg life for a gold chain
all he wanted was to be fly in a old stang
in love with the life but n-gga it’s a cold game
n-ggas think they on till the day they get they skulls banged
never seen a whole thang? how can you be my n-gga
breakin’ down a 20 pack, i ain’t even in a kitchen
n-gga you ain’t into that? how can you say you livin’
he ain’t never heard of jack? he must never been to prison
how the f-ck i’m makin’ stacks when i never paid attention
so my n-gga turnt up a slap and made them n-ggas listen
i’d love to thank you for that but i could never visit
cause we so caught in the trap, i’ll end up in there with you

[verse 4: v12]