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the kritters – i’m gonna phonking kill myself lyrics


(yuh) (ay) (ay) (ay)
two nuts in my underpants
one shaft + bricked up + please understand
zip up, twist up, no d+ck in hand
at disneyland
no further, man
pitchin’ the tent while i’m pitchin’ a fit
i’m bricked up makin’ one h+ll of a dent
you are iron, trynna make sense of it
i can go to a club, make cents off it
i can tuck it in my pants, charge you rent
i’m not an african, i’m a tiny man
with tiny hands and tiny feet
which correlate to my tiny meat

wet dreams, steamin’
the yummy creamin’
milf are just hot
it’s the opposite of freezin’
i’m always visitin’ with his eyes up on my neck
these mommies screamin’ “dump him, comе back!”
these milfs always want the dungеon special
they trynna ride this d+ck like it is a vessel
not a vessel like the titanic submarine
but the vessel that comes through the sea of my dreams
drink! drink! drink! drink!
beer bottle glass goin’ down the sink
yeah, i hate that stupid woman, what makes her think
that a stupid piece of paper is gonna make me keep one
ma, ma, mom away
now i’m in her closet, like i’m pretending not to be g+y
felt my love for her stream when she said my name
now she’s sayin’ “who are you” and “get out of my house”
i don’t need the fifty dollars on twitch
why you gotta be a b+tch?
tellin’ the police like a snitch
i would hold the door for you if you let me use sam’s smelly sam brush
and you don’t know me, and i’m scary, and i’m sick
you’re not super nice to me
in person, you’re a fraud
you just wait ’till i tell mom, you’re the worst sister on god

i don’t get no p+ssy
i don’t get no head
i don’t get no bussy
i don’t get no bread
can’t get a girl to get in my bed
i tried, she shot herself in the head!
you look like the skin on my n+ts+ck
you smell like the sh+t in my b+ttcrack
i really wanna duck
no affleck, get a hot b+tch
ride me like a backpack
little virgin better get your nuts up
let the lift down on that truck brah
i just can’t really get enough of
you’re too hentai
d+mn i’m bricked up!
my dad beats me relentlessly
so i snort f+dg+ dip until i sneeze
my ass smells like pimento cheese
i guess i’ll always be lonely
listen, listen
i will take literally anything
i will take literally anything
women, men, dog i+ ohh (woahhh)
(oh, dude)

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