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the maxies – baby i love you lyrics


i wanna write you a letter
i wanna write you a book
i wanna write you a song
that has the best godd-mn melodies and hooks
i wanna strangle your boyfriend
i wanna take you all away from him
and if he don’t watch out
i’ll knock him out
i’ll punch his f-ck face in

well, baby, baby, baby, baby i love you
whoa oh, baby, baby, baby, oh baby you’re mine
well, baby, baby, baby, baby i need you
well baby, oh baby, oh baby, oh baby i’m yours

i wanna show you this north pole
i wanna take you to places you’ve never seen
i wanna get drunk all night
watch a polar bear fight
and dig this greenland scene
i wanna play with your snowcones
i wanna show you all this greenland d-ck
i wanna hold you tight all through all the night
and make the ice melt quick

my love’s not a fluke
i’ll take you straight to nuuk
if you just say you will
i don’t care what they say
greenland is where we’ll stay
and you’ll be here with me