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the midnight beast – friends for never lyrics


friends for never

one day were friends forever,
next day were friends for never.
you say (you say)
were best friends forever i say,
he say till the end.

our friendships like a slice of chocolate cake
you’re the icing you’d be the sponge
when we’re together we become…

a perfect way to end a perfect dinner time
quite substantial, gl-ss of wine
a tasty mint goes down a treat and helps my indigestion.

digest this factual piece of evidence
i’m your b-tter you’re my toast
the gravy on my sunday roast
i’m not a fan of your roasts.

what do you mean,
you told me that you liked the one i cooked the other day
i don’t remember, you said you liked the sprouts,
i don’t know what to say
then you should shut your mouth.

one day were friends forever
go take some singing lessons
what was that?
nothing tw-t.
you’re a pr-ck
eat my sh-t
no thank you, it wouldn’t be nice.

our friendships kind of like a prost-tute (how?)
quite worn out, yet still quite fit
quite nice -rs- great pair of t-ts
well that’s not relevant.

isn’t it?
you’re full of sh-t and that’s quite relevant
is it?
i’m going to have a think.
will you tell me what you think of?

one day we’re friends,
the next we’re not
it’s so confusing the why’s and what (what)
the h-ll i thought that we were friends just now.
then i remember we had a row (oh yeah).

we’re like brad pitt and angela
but we don’t have a child from cambodia (uh uh)
i’m sick and tired of us having no fun
stop being p-ssys and go and work your
problems out son cuz i’m done.

one day were born together (one day were born)
next day it’s stormy weather (next day were torn)
who say? – you say?
we’re not friends
i say – he say
f-ck you bender

one day i am your blood brother
next day it’s f-ck your mother
no offence, tell you mum
i think she’s quite nice,
that paticular dig was directed at you,
and not your mother.

my mother use to have a nice smile on her face till,
dad went out to get more milk.
he never did come back.



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