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the moonsoon bassoon – the very best of badluck ’97 lyrics


the stench of badluck sinks me
and i don’t want to bite it’s hand
it opens up my mout and feeds me
but i don’t want to bite it’s hand

badluck you really bit me down this time
a thousand flapping wings of hope
won’t silence out aching bones that cry
and gutless badluck shines out cold

no sword of iron ever struck such blows
my eyes have never seen such a swarm of death
self centered i. my crazy plans and schemes
in soill down six foot deep

i broke my neck to kiss her
the year this mother went up to 11
saddle sore and still there’s more
the best of badluck ’97
and i can’t catch up, and i can’t wake up
and i won’t grow up, and i can’t stand up

jarrow easy badluck only really works
cold it’s empty, badluck really bit me down
it don’t take much now, baby, to make good in my world
but is easier to catch the moonlight than hold this girl