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the moth & the flame – how we woke up lyrics


this cause is all we know
oh, suspend me in my past
and this is how i woke up
alone, alone

dangling by a string
above everything you could be
and this is how we woke up

sharpening teeth on your neck
remember the flows like a bad dream
you want to wake up
please wake up, oh, please wake up
oh, please wake up, please wake up
there’s still time

just for a moment as we stand projecting our faults into the end
as if we’ve planned to stick before our minds don’t stand in hand
cold in breath by other lines told our stories to our eyes
all of the world frozen in time and this is how we woke up

now you remember the warmth
we were nothing in the dark
as if there was something in the light
and we all have to know
have to know
we all have to