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the mr. t experience – self-pity lyrics


you owe a lot to self-pity
it got you through your darkest days
and anybody looking at the record
would say you had a case
you never imagined
that you’d ever really make it through
and now that you have, you don’t know what to do
the future has arrived, but where are you?

ooh wah ooh, i see you crying
ooh wah ooh, i hear you trying
though you’ve got it down to a science
self-pity won’t help you now

look at yourself
do you really believe
that the world needs to see
another aging enfant terrible?

alienation makes the world go round
and as a fashion statement
it’s absolutely sound
but you’re not really an alien, as such
self-confidence makes you seem so out of touch
but self-pity seems like it’s a bit too much

ooh wah ooh, looks like you blew it
ooh wah ooh, looks like you knew it
though you taught the world how to do it
self-pity won’t help you now