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the mr. t experience – who needs happiness (i’d rather have you) lyrics


sitting around here with nothing to do
it’s wearing me down dear, just thinking of you
how it’s been so long since i held you close
how things could go wrong when i need you most
my devotion is an ocean of uneasiness
distraction, worry, grief and stress

for love is sadness
love is madness
love is thinking if i make it through this h-ll on earth
it might be worth it
who needs happiness?
i’d rather have you

roaming these hallways with dreams unfulfilled
why do they always seem so uphill?
a happy existence of peace and goodwill
me on -ssistance and you on the pill: is that so wrong?
but no one sees it my way
“get a life,” is what they say

well, i’m all spent, all sentimentally r-t-rded now
you know it’s true
i may have shot what life i’ve got, but i don’t want a life
i just want you

i just want you to be with me here
and i don’t care much if it’s not such a good idea
if falling short of happy is the best that we can do
who needs happiness? i’d rather have you
who needs happiness if i can’t have you, too?
if it’s true that i have to choose between the two
who needs happiness? i’d rather have you