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the noncents – now n laters lyrics


[verse 1: detz]
you see the shame is, i ain’t gonna be famous
cause the rap game is getting naked, then embracing the faces of templated
creativity rapists raised from the same place as
88 of these fake makers of lame tapes every 8 days
that play over the radio waves
invading our craniums, till we’re insane in our membranes
we’re replacing jay & dre with these waste of today’s sp-ce
trading mj in his hay day, for an aging dwyane wade
it’s a mistake so let me take you back to a time
where hip-hop appreciated the spectacular rhyme
hooks were high cause uppercuts were packed in the lines
when rap’s vernacular was actually p-ssionate i’m
lazarus traveling time, back to wreak havoc with spit
dropping acid on tracks you’re in like hazardous p-ss
rappers acting as if they got a habit of p-ssing a fist
when the fact is in actuality they’re pacifists
with all the flexing about s-x, ex and the checks that they get
i’m expecting they end up dead, like every legend that went
guess i’m a pessimist, this isn’t the best that there is
i’mma spend the next ten, expressing who eric detzel is
born in ‘88, then ‘94 running a muck
with k!llakake, skating with nate, just a couple of punks
‘02 is when i started to carry a crush
i wasn’t aware i’d marry the one so carelessly blushing
high school was a rush, busted my nuts, coming up
closest i was to the 5-0 was one point above
my average, after graduation, double majored and played soccer
then summa c-m laude, honors, and then onto a job offer
computer nerd, living in philly, moved and got hitched
love my wife, my pup, man life isn’t a b-tch
and that’s it, sh-t, legit spitting’s boring as h-ll
call me old school, but it’s my real story i’m telling, oh well

i live for now, in case there ain’t no later man
i don’t know how to change just stay the same
i take a vow cause i ain’t playing games
you ain’t allowed to step, stay in your lane

[verse 2: k!llakake]
i got a confession, trying to usher out the bullsh-t
one word from moi, it probably gon’ negate your whole sh-t
2016 i’m on some reaching all my goals sh-t
and you been bad this year, on some santa gave you coal sh-t
so underground my first show was in the earth’s mantle
been k!lling mics, since a tyke, blowing out my first candle
harder to handle than the black crowes or otis redding
if you expect to beat me, the outcome will so upsetting
spent my early 20’s writing raps and getting plastered
it made for a good mix, some sh-t i didn’t master
y’all suck for all sorts of reasons i didn’t factor
i skip most tracks and my swipe finger is getting faster
uh, we supreme rappers, for several reasons
i go so ham, f-ck around and offend a vegan
rappers say they sick, but my sh-t is like ten diseases
quality is key, they couldn’t match me with 10 releases
sorry, i know i’m not supposed to be rude but
the crew has got me g-ssed and plenty socially lubed up
not thinking first, but often throwed when we do stuff
late to the party, not invited, just cruised up
not business savvy, but finish the guinness gladly
shout out to all the late nights that started great and finished badly
not business savvy, but finish the guinness gladly
shout to all the late nights that started great and finished badly

[chorus] (x2)

[verse 3: cue nitty]
ayo kake, you bake the cake, and eat it too
you brought nitty back from the city
where it’s low down gritty
and grimy
you can find me
in the back of the club, with all my n-gg-s right behind me
with big -ss chicks, taking pics, sippin liqs
so don’t resist or you might miss christmas (biggie!)
it’s a risk that you take when we come in town
cause even now punks they still get beat down
and that don’t mean that the battle’s won
nas 2001, hope you got yourself a gun
i run like dmc, see how cool i can be
why you wear them gl-sses? so i can see
you down with opp
yea you f-cking ob
k!llakake, cutthroats, stop looking at me
stop looking at me
stop looking at me
stop looking at me
and put the money in a big bag