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the order of the precious blood – divine light lyrics


scratching at the ground, not too deep
where’s your casket now? do you sleep
still without a sound, do you keep, the tears you weep?

h+ll fare thee well, i am no
longer clientele, i stayed so
long under the spell, to die slow, where no one knows

divine light
is too bright
for my eyes, but not this time
to rewrite
the midnight
your birth right, but not this time

defile the devout, the sad state
drink yourself to drought, the bad taste
lingers in your mouth, to reshape, to violate

siphoning the blood, from inside
dilated tongues, the confines
close to keep you numb, to survive, the unfair fight

pry my eyes wide
die, while i cry
breathe in the flames and exhale the pain
darkness defines you
maintain the same to circle the drain
darkness will find you, here, right here

way out, stay down, so proud, they scream so loud, it won’t drown out

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