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the pink spiders – saturday nite riot lyrics


hey hey this is everything today
when you’ve got nothing to complain about
you’ve got nothing to say
so this had better be good or you’d better be quiet

cause baby i’m not standing in your way
we could paint this city red
or we could drown it out in gray
if friday night is a bust sat-rday is a riot

oh emily i love you for your apathy
how you sell it in your diary
it’s no secret, you can’t die if your life’s a mystery
emily, now you’re starving for some sympathy
and you think you’ve got it worse than me
but you’ll see that you can’t live if your life’s tragedy

hey hey girl you’re driving me insane
you’re obnoxious when they’re pretty
you’re ecstatic when they’re plain
but this is my design, this is my roller coaster

and you said i won’t be happy ’til i’m dead
but i told you once before
and girl i meant it when i said
i don’t wanna be close i just wanna be closer

all alone and very ordinary (so very)
when your duress is now your sanctuary
(you’ve got it all wrong)
you’ve got it wrong

but i’ve never been the type to walk away so fast
cause there’s no way out until i shout

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