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the social – three years lyrics


it’s taking everything i have not to scream
i’m barely getting by and staying sane
she talks to me
don’t talk to me
there’s the road but i don’t tread
i question these people i call friends
she lets me go
don’t let me go

i’m running myself to the bone
i miss the place i call home
there’s one thing that i miss so much
the world i left
the girl i love

it took 3 years for me to grow up
3 years for me to learn about the world
and that no one will ever be like you
it took 3 years to drop the little things
3 years of everything
3 years for me to learn i loved you

it’s taking all my strength to not collapse
to hold myself up and stay relaxed
she holds onto me
don’t hold onto me
and this is to the distance between you and me
and every goal we’re trying to achieve
she doesn’t give up
don’t give up on me

i’ll always miss you when i’m away
i’ll always hug you when i come back
i’ll always laugh when you slip up
i’ll always help you when you’ve had enough