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the sooper swag project – i swag lyrics


jd drops the beat now it’s broken
drop it in some water swag got the girls soakin
no jokin
i dont rap i swag godd+mn. storm tropper storm trooper
i’m sooper fresh tic tac swag
and i swag this that and the beat kicks back
skinny pants and the pack i’m wonderful
got the sweater swag dad cliff huxtable
coming with the nick at night swag
asian girls asian girls
hmmmmm not bad
and my swag brings ruckus
golden tickets i’m charlie buckets
swag concussion wow i’m something
and i know i can’t rap but i do not rap
’cause i like to swag

mmm mmm i’m finninnin to turn my swag up
k!lling them in the ear hear the tea kettle sound up
whooooooooo the heck can stop me?
you? no you suck. you sloppyyyyy
+er than joe
g. i. joe i am goddam
stretch arm strong girls hold my hand
i get good looks in my sudan and by sudan
i mean my bike
ain’t got no car. i got 2 legs and a cheese dip jar
girls scream in awww as i ride past and always ask
“are you a star?”
i’m glad you asked, nah i’m really glad you asked
i’m about as star as a hexagon, pants rolled up high
cuties i be textin call me smileyface nice guy
you say that you swag, b+tch i lean and hit the ground
yea my swagger so stupid i can barely get around
without a wheelchair, rollin on dubs up into borders
i think i need to read about neurodegenerative disorders
court ordered to not swag so much, four quarters and a brown bag lunch
that’s a dollar you f+ggots, so whassup?
cut up the beat now johnny darge it
move your feet til people think that you r+t+rded
i’m an artist, call me georgia o’keefe
cause we both love p+ssy but we both hate queefs
ewwwww that was gross now i need to get some toothpaste
nasty bad swag give you permanent pooface
i do dase i do dat, i swag? yes
more based than a foundation cause i’m the best mang i
deed it, did you feeled this? i revealed it
keeled this track, real swagger b+tch i built it

one for the money, two for the show
three girls on me four girls watching
ah. you can’t stop me
i’m not stopping swagging conscious
and i swag unconscious
based mind is mine your not on this
even got kids swagging
mr. rogers jd’s bonkers
as i swag like everything
and i swag like nothing
and i swag so hard like a martian in my cars got my speakers busting
and i’m not cussing my mom heard me she was angry
but my swag goes on and my swag flows strong
oh my gosh i swag