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the stylites - jack smith the blacksmith lyrics


[verse 1]
‘ve got a story to tell, and it won’t take long
it starts out all right, and it ends all wrong
the blacksmith who lived out on morgan way
he and his wife, they would bow and pray
that the lord would send to them a child to hold
time and time again, but all they got was old

[verse 2]
one mornin’ the wife called, “my love, come quick
put your hand to my belly. i felt a kick.”
she said to her husband, “my time is nigh
please do not be afraid if i shout or cry
and in the deep of night, she did birth a boy
in the pale moonlight, they lay overcome with joy

[verse 3]
she opened her mouth, but she could not talk
she started to shake, and she could not stop
a rag for her head, water for her throat
but the sickness was one with no antidote
he was whispering, “lord, if it be your will,”
held her tightly until, she at last lay still

[verse 4]
they say he got lost in a deep despair
and the baby was left in a neighbor’s care
for as long as the blacksmith would need to be covered
enough to say, “don’t he look just like his mother?”
and from that day on, by his side, he stayed
watching in his shop as he worked his trade
[verse 5]
he taught him the sk!lls of his family name
the end of the hammer, the tongs, the flame
who could’ve known that a spark would fly?
set fire to the ceiling, light up the sky
he ran to the boy with a desperate shout
neither jack nor son ever made it out

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