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the tenebrian machine – the tenebrian machine lyrics


disquieting calm
aware of my sickness
alone, still breathing
beauty receding
in the machine
i’m spinning

three years gone
i’m still digested
flesh mother touching
soothing, relentless
i know of all that care for me
through the monitor they can’t be seen

-n-log display
fl!ckering, fading
arrhythmia stumbling
my body remaining

can’t you see me through the vibrations
see what these bleeding hands have done
i will never be allowed release
eye of a camera, looking in
find me

crumbling surrogate, i detest you

circuits sever in my brain
lying in the crimson rain
rusted walls looming here
bodies falling though the air

sickly woman, dirty knees
begging me to never cease
luminescent blood disease
pneumatic t–th rending me

i sleep in the bowels of the machine
i dream only of the machine
i l-st for my dreams
and my dreams l-st for me