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the unthrowboxes – invasion of the basket lyrics


[verse 1]
no time to helping, i’m concerning
flesh is melting, and ya hands still burning
fire impulsion, so much compulsion
you better sip my potion or i will deface ya emotion
i will glue ya eyeb-lls to my veins
now i just exterminate ya head and brains
reality to anxiety, walk quietly
listen, immediately, have some dignity
london arts of evil, that so illegal
locked in the animal shelter, having fun with helter-skelter
rat skeletons eat the rest of rotten bread
the rotten egg needs to be in ya mouth
i bet you’ve never known you’ll be sorry
torture chamber, is my laboratory
i don’t wanna nail the dead rats to the wall
my permissions, for ya mind control
resuscitate ya heart, fire in ya part
giving you itchy, fades face away
if everyone will bleed, there’s no time to explain
no one needs, the child has been chained
it starts crying cos they have no dreams
i can hear everybody screams, tired writers
just need to be done, i’m the street fighters
peoples will do none, ya ankles pain
suffering to explain, you wanna do something bad?
then i’ll hurt you, i’m so mad and i’m going to convert you
the re-possessed kid was still freezing
your still dizzy to spin you all so faster
forced to separate ya friend cos i’m the master
brains, parcelling and it starts fuzzing
my witch was messing it, all around and cussing
i’m stressing, confessing and depressing
just you wanna watch, i’m gonna squash
if i don’t k!ll, you highly know the drill
i’m the underground diggers, peel it with my fingers
i’m gonna find you, behind you and terrify you
you better not mess with me then i’ll deny you
soles are working, the evils lurking
you handle wasteland, spit their decay man
hurricane is impossible, that so logical
nothing can destroy me, your the one who annoyed me
sometimes i feel uncomfortable and natural
my thunder drill is electrical
your so perfect and disgusting to be
getting trapped but you can’t do this to me
war enemies are defended or survived
your early life is so many deprived
there allergic cos they are toxic
i end this filthy ants and flies, no one cries
magical burning, so we’re learning
that is on fire, k!lled by empire
trying to escape and you wanna hurt me?
the itchy states of ya part of body so energy
electrocuting animals so highly incredible
mix it all in, the rats crawl in it