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the unthrowboxes – so i’m unthroboxes lyrics


[verse 1: unthroboxes]
so i’m unthroboxes, that so unorthodox
my problem is about leaving your brains in the box
c0ke’s filling in ya graves to bring you alive
ya dead bodies are feigned to survive
i’ll take revenge when i spit on the dirt
they cannot move so n0body gets hurt
i’m the master of madness, become true sadness
there’s something wicked or they could be so badness
burn ya house down that you hear the sound
in the underground to, enter my ghost town
i throw pumpkin guts to the wall and the floor
make my t–th throwing and spit some more
the water filled with blood cos it’s now overflowing
do you wanna know my hair starts growing?
think about this night i’ll take the final breath
one left person to disturb the death
i use mutant powers and make you suffer
you lose your breath when ya mouth can’t buffer
erase brain death of bath salt zombies
destroy them all filthy puppies
urgently dying and try to survive
now you can try as you know how to drive
the game of darkness is my creator
death is cold cos they ain’t in my refrigerator
try to run away as fast as you can
enter the gates of my natural wasteland
your limbs so eaten by rats and flies
your whole family’s getting terrorized
never try to see me cos this is not fair
it has no place so you have the middle of nowhere
sick managers wanna try to stop me?
we will steal their money so corruptly

[verse 2: stupid dark]
so i’m stupid dark to scare you in the park
crazy peoples are eaten by a shark
the one of murder who was born in heaven
flies attacked by sprayers and weapons
ya grounded like his mother rita loud
we hope to celebrate then every people’s crowd
look at me i’m so heinous and giving you pain
i hope they are getting smashed with a crane
mentally crushed then you lie in the bed of death
reanimate the dead when i take ya breath
never gonna find me and try to tie me
ya mind is changing on reality and anxiety
waiting for dark games to load as scare you
you will enter and respect ya wisdom as virtue
carnivorous poisonous plants are ready to eat you
you can’t even win this game when i defeat you
transforming devils in the face and check it in the mirror
i face the fear then commanding all the terrors
ask me to help you and get you saved for life
not allowed to drive or teach how to deprive
you are the one who is just punishment abusers
call you names when i possess that worthiness
i’m fearlessly scaring you all managers to death
i’ll shove ya brain in ya throat from the breath

you can see it in the eyes
you can see it in the eyes
you can see it in the eyes
you can see it in the eyes
you can see it in the eyes
you can see it in the eyes
you can see it in the eyes