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the usa is a monster – all the world’s leaders must die lyrics


the world’s leaders do not have
the best intentions in regards to
the survival of the planet
and the majority of the human species

society overhaul
curfew begins nightfall
must seize control of future
denied to see the sun
politicize young whites
pre-prison black projects

these people are guiding the path of human nature in the wrong direction
the writing’s on the wall
blank stare away in limbo
let’s make this half life whole
power renewal now
towards within
chaos consumerumptionism
m-ss product inhalation
unsustainable existence bullsh-t
shank grater rikers fate
is this really living
all the world’s leaders must die
hanged efficiently hemp rope

i swear
y’all motherf-ckers sneaking in psychologic
subliminal messages of compliance and order
are so we in the palm of your hands
that our feeble minds do not even need it
bizarre special do-nothings