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the weekend classic – monachopsis lyrics


i’m losing track of where i stand. i used to have the upper hand. now i’m distant i’m not persistent. lacking motives and a plan. to find out something. if gods above me and if he could understand. i’m starting to fade the world is so gray. i’ll count my blessings and call it a day

if i could find myself amongst everyone else. would i be any different. i could tell myself that i don’t have to listen but where is the point in not being consistent. a stable companion just someone to listen. please tell me you listen. i’m holding all this doubt about myself to give me something i can talk about

i started writing when i was young the words replaced the use of my tongue. i don’t like to talk much, found only comfort in the songs. but now i’ve got the recognition. still avoiding confrontation. always running late always out of place i, i can’t relate

i’m getting over all these things that you said would last forever. god if you’re there give me a sign cause i’m starting to lose my faith. you left me all alone to find my way back home, but i think i’m finally moving on. i’m moving on alone