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(the)imperfectionist – gone girl lyrics


you don’t know what you have until it’s gone
take off your mask
hold it in front

i don’t know where to go what i wanted
i just hold on

don’t be far from me now
i just need to take some time to freak out

i need someone new to talk through
i just need someone new to project onto
i think that could be yo+ooh+ou

all i have is you
all i have to talk to

i made a mess i wrecked my car
i been getting drunk and high
to blow off steam

there’s just so many things wrong
i been lookin’ out for number one

i been tryin’ out wasted rhymes
i’ve been wasting everyone’s time
i’m lookin’ to get back to where i was
i wasted her time well you wasted mine
i’m not here at all
i’m not ready to give up
i’m just waiting on the clock

to tell me it’s time to
give up

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