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them. (2020) – premature male pattern baldness lyrics


[intro] (caleb chandler)

(heavy breathing)

i have male pattern baldness
i’m only
18 years old

i haven’t even been
to college yet
but i’m already
f+cking baaaaaaaaaaaaaald

[bridge, i think]

people make fun of me all the time
for the thinness of my hair
it kinda hurts
cause i know there’s nothing i can do about it; i’m putting rogaine on my hair every day
every morning and every night
hasn’t done sh+t…

even my mom makes fun of me

you know what? i’ve had it with this sh+t
gonna let out all my primal rage
[idk lol this is the screaming part i guess]

i want my f+cking hair back
give me my f+cking hair back
it’s all i ask for
it’s all i need

maybe if i got my hair back
my life wouldn’t be bleak
but it keeps falling out
piece by piece (piece by piece!)

i want my hair back please god
i pray give me my hair back bring it back

(random screaming)

if there’s anything i can do
just give the word and i’ll do it
i’ll k!ll somebody i don’t give a f+ck
why can’t i just get hair
like leonardo dicaprio?
or macklemore?
or somebody, anybody with decent f+cking hair that doesn’t thin
i look like a grandpa
i look old
i’m only 18 and i look old
old as f+ck

i want my hair back, man
please, god
answer my prayers