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theme songs – freakazoid! lyrics


super toon extraordinaire
freakazoid, freakazoid
runs around in underwear
freakazoid, freakazoid

rescues washington dc
freakazoid, freakazoid
unless something better’s on tv
freakazoid, freakazoid

his brain’s overloading
it has a chocolate coating
textbook case for sigmund freud
freakazoid, freakazoid

check out dexter douglas
nerd computer ace
went surfing on the internet and was zapped to cybersp+ce

he turned into the freakazoid
he’s strong and super quick
he drives the villains crazy
cause he’s a lunatic!

freakazoid, fricassee
floyd the barber cuts his hair
freakazoid, chimpanzee

drivin’ around in the freakmobile
freakazoid, freakazoo
hopes to make the movie deal
freaka+me, freaka+you

he’s here to save the nation, so stay tuned to this station
if not we’ll be unemployed
freakazoid, freakazoid