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they might be giants – three might be duende lyrics


“three might be duende”

monochrome martinet
his texture is starch
this song is a march
and from the beginning
his duende was winning
but though he’s a worthy emcee
he’ll never be part of the three
orpheum act
faustian pact
three might be duende, in fact

necropolis blownapart
a ghostly sight
emerges bright
hot from the embers
the first team member
is hatching a dastardly plan
like a bird with a dastardly egg
trapped in his time
lost in his rhymes
one might be duende defined!

apocryphal espadrille
the shaper of dreams
returns to the scene
no diorama
could match his drama
a smile that would frighten the blind
the incubus freezes the mind
fooled by his charm
right off the farm
sound might be duende’s alarm

dystopio smashedtobits
the keeper of dust
the builder of rust
when you discover
sleep’s older brother
the trio is finally complete
the trio has just one conceit
forged by their past
first in their cl-ss
three might be duende (three might be duende)
three might be duende (three might be duende)
three might be duende at last