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third rule – threshold lyrics


[intro: solo]
lot of people nowadays think that they got sk!ll
if we take it back to rap know that my plot k!lls
if we take it back to rap i leave you flat on your face like splat
they ain’t ready for the b-ss

[verse 1: solo]
k!lling them all with the venom and gall
just the beginning i’m building a wall
bringing -ssault that comes with the name
lames promoted daily obviously can’t see the wack
half of you cats can’t handle the bread, like coeliacs
and half of you rats are trapped with the cheese not feeling that
see that, i gave you food for thought now want my feedback
know that, my flow is heightened by five senses
and when i conquer your mind, you might think i’m nuts
the pain in the brain that i’m saying will be relentless
and you’ll sense it and kinda be like sh-t i’m f-cked
select a style and stay to it
why break the rules let cain do it
i wake the schools with brain fluids
and dump you fools like drain sewage
stay lucid, make music
graveyards i’ll take you to it
h-ll on earth don’t take me through it
i changed myself you made me do it

[verse 2: kasim]
worst fear going broke, wait
worst fear losing hope, i
slow down on this boat, so
other people can float, i’m
on top not falling off
keep my verses hot like a molotov
keep innovating, energising
might find these new flows surprising
probably got sleep in your eyes and
slept on these diamonds, i’ve been silent
now i’m vocal with my raps
things change and that’s a fact
some of y’all been too scared, to adapt, bringing that acid back
new school, the dynasty
now wait, cause i’m
flipping the script like i’m diligent bish
you was complaining but dreaming ’bout this
i’m amazed that we’re on the same page
it was hard to explain but know that we’ve been k!lling this sh-t
flows are insane, we switch it up
that easy sh-t, we did enough
compete with us, can’t keep it up
you tried to swallow but reflux, woo
keep it fresh like fondue
on my anchorman like ron who?
if you want a feature you’ll have to queue
cause weak sh-t we can’t excuse
burgundy jackets like canada goose
pictures i paint with the finest of views
we too deep, still yet to lose
been sleeping on us now you watching our moves