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this time its war – the lord of the flies lyrics


i am the blood of a child born within the sun
burning a hole in time
coasting between the light and the dark

unaware of the cosmic structures that will crumble at
the sight of my unholy power
saturated by the ent-ties that dare to question me

for the will of those in question
will never bow to those creating fear
an intensified impulse of discontent
has never seemed so clear

manifested deep within my heart
i lay in need of the sympathy of the one who overcomes

dwelling deep within my heart
finding the strength within the deepest vessel
conquer over helplessness

i am the aftermath of the architect awaiting the
morning sky
calculating the departure of this structural spine

destroying the land, depriving the elements
i have become that which can create a wasteland
turning the tides, shifting the sands
breaking the hourgl-ss so time stands still

the soul of that which inhabits the land
is now just a phantom doomed to annihilation

for the will of those confined are brought to their
paralyzed by the thought of feeling nothing
failure and falling
construction of shallow graves
can’t withstand the malice

i am the creation you’ve brought on yourselves
constructed within your walls
there is no escape or salvation
you’ve brought this on yourselves
i am the creation you brought on this world
you’ve brought on the death of us all