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thisu – january blues lyrics


i can tell a fiend from the homeless
that’s why i ain’t in citrus heights blessin’ out a bonus
homie that is bogus, let your little ass know it
when the tec spray lead feel like i popped open the ink pen head
when, seven seven seven god gon’ need to pick your ass up
on your knees for the prayer cause you only heard duck
put a scope between his head, squeeze, and just for the cheese
call that dottin’ my i’s so i can cross out my t’s
you spent your whole entire life buildin’ up your career
losе it all in a second talkin’ sh+t out your rear
sittin’ in the dark so thеy don’t see they reflection
then you take it out on me that’s why i call it projection
and if you gettin’ insecure you know this track is bout you
and if you try to call me out, i double down on it to
don’t know brand or an image you act a fool online
don’t hit my line, if you tryna waste time
keep your ass out my life cause this is personal business
i take your own away from you now i’m a person of interest

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