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thrawsunblat – vastland lyrics


feel the atavism
coursing back through time
bringing forth ancient fire
life, in its purest form

it shall be embraced
it shall light the torches of the hordes
by this flame
we will march across the vastlands

along rivers of ice
standards of black unfurled
it shall burn in our veins
across the ages, through the haze

veni, ignis! veni, fere!
arde, ignis, acerrime!

we will tread on paths
overgrown throughout time
neglected by mankind
reclaimed by wilderness

until the end of days
one with the winds and storms
we will carry on
ever ablaze with primal flame

veni, ignis! veni, fere!
arde, ignis, acerrime!

rise from the earth
bearing flames primordial
alive at last
bearing time eternal