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throne of chaos – wait lyrics


morning breeze won’t bring much hope
two years gone, it hurts me still
i can’t fight this guilt inside
it feel so cold, how can i hide?
i know you’re still waiting there
i see you everywhere
for it you don’t come back
it’s a world without a wonder
oh, if you’d be here with me…
sometimes i feel alright
but i could never live without you
if there’s a heaven, then this must be h-ll
it’s there years now and still it hurts
on broken streets of gothamburg
i feel that you’re still waiting here
can’t see you anywhere
everyday without you
without you, babe
and everyday it’s you
i know you ain’t waiting there
’cause gothamburg is everywhere
i’ve learnt to fight this guilt inside
i feel so old, i’ve lost my sight
there is nothing left for me
no place from where to leave