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thutmose – drugs & whatever you want lyrics


let me take you out, 5 star meals
champagne bottles, drugs and whatever you wanted
cuz you deserved whatever you wanted
meet me at jfk, go to cali on a red eye
hotels naked, drugs and whatever u wanted
cuz u deserve whatever u wanted
u deserve whatever u want

[verse 1]
pick u up in an hour baby come ride with me
catch california vibes and come alive with me
set the tone properly
ball out like monopoly cuz u look best on top of me and
i think about it all the time
love your jewelry and all your clothes
you won’t me needing them tonight
so baby leave em all at home

[pre chorus]
we can hit magnolia
cruising in the rover
i just wanna show ya
how i’m gunna how i’m gunna how i’m gunna love ya
lemme get to know ya
i’ve been waiting for ya
i’ve been waiting for your love


[verse 2]
yeah, hold you close you love to smell my cologne
i got straight from versace favorite color is gold
and everywhere that we go
they scream relationship goals
no bumps on the road
top down on a roll

[pre chorus]


(voicemail outro)