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thx_nine – coltears lyrics


ayo 9! coltears! another take! it’s crazy!
younger, younger, younger, younger,younger

verse 1
younger than your horses on the road
tell the rider to be gentle on the blows
saddle unbalanced and he still be kicking more
he might have to fall off if he adding load-we stuck in the mud!
bl–dy mary pouring in the cold
gl-sses breaking while we hearing mary groan
it’s zero hours to delivery on hold for you-know-who to make the entry into home-don’t leave me alone
wake up wake up wake up! you’re in bed now!
the umbilical be hanging like it’s thread now
explain survival to a mother who got nothing but a heartbeat for her one and only darling who got here now
abortion pills were not affordable so to be able to do pouches for the normal and a week, well that alone should have been laudable
taking care and making sure that he grew up to what he had been destined for her issue ’cause to her money ain’t a prob’
paying dues just to make sure you stay alive
and left her spirit with him after the suicide
reincarnation in the winner and seeing where he at at present got him feeling though he a beginner and singing:

free my soul, free my soul
let a young horse live
run wild call him stable-free
let him know what he need
he gon’ need what you know
get that? he’ll be stable-peace
free my soul, free my soul
let a young horse live
run wild call him stable-free
now who need that truth? come and get it quick before i exit earth full speed

verse 2
drunk on knowledge always sober
spreading the word about the warning-noah
talking ’bout mary but y’all said you know her
“where is her son?” k!lled by nails in a th-rn patch
you say you didn’t k!ll him too? prove to me that you ain’t gone near
[un]explainable relations showed here
whether adoption or corruption they fam
to build tomorrow with today-the motion
typa language spoken by these persons only understood by the creator general yet we do not have y’all know him
feelings for a life already drowned
in the mediterranean region they were found
the river euphrates they stood and made a vow that they won’t ever make a move into the vowels i-o-u[i owe you]
three ks make the next tape plus another thesis out in the month of the brave
only graves but death ain’t coming back to the weeping
he tired of that young horse weeping and weeping and singing:


verse 3
deeper than your brother ever thought
tear apart the sky and let the starlets fall
disguise your accent like a teacher of the law, but you sef you don’t know what you dey talk-let us rip a thought!
pen and note 3 be the glory starts
upper room feeling-catch a fire tongue!
rushing winds-number in is kinda small
leave the lectures to the elite but n-body responds like “what dey bruh?”
drop knowledge! got the five percenters in your college
memory go long term-curricula be selective inside the statics
you plan to show off with the waves but the radio do not provide you scholars-
just men after dollars! and they ain’t even american
confused flag bearers upholding truth with yellow t–th but nothing like a heart patriotic-
it’s just white lines about shawties
poppin’ bottles? all they ever drank was apple ades and they claiming that they on a high?
that’s some lowly nonsense!
we know steelo won’t come back
but the era will be pro with knowledge on that stack
give us the truth so we stop living on dead facts
you know the word!