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thy primordial – purveyor of chaos lyrics


purveyor of chaos
am wickedness and woe
falsity of the truth
the recurrent image of terror
am the dark side of humanity
the impalpable presence
exist in every corner
reap the the sacred hearts
am the core of the deep night
readily into vigour
for i am the end of days

in the profundity of darkness
beats no heart at all
in the profundity of darkness
i can darken the sun, i’ve got death to live for

save the world from sin – be near us when we climb or
save the world from sin – death to live for

i am the disgusted spectator of this world
the hunger that struck the whole land
the mortality that follows
i have power to tempt and mislead
seduce by madness
make thee face thy demons
survey the past
so hallowed my dusk
blemish of dawn
yet shalt rise