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ti – watch what you say to me lyrics


(feat. jay-z)

ay, ay, ay
watch what you say to me
you better watch what you say to me
watch what you say to me
you say, i’ll spray

watch what you say to me
you see me and ya know i’m tooled up
you don’t wanna see me cut the fool bruh
watch what you say to me
let me find out you talkin tough in ya song
when you see me you know what’s up boy, it’s on
n-gg-, what you say to me?
cause see i ain’t been a f-ck n-gg- never
i’m just warning all you sucka n-gg-s
better watch what you say to me
cause i’m known to make a mountain out of mold
h-ll, you don’t wanna get ya four kids…
watch what you say to me

[1st verse: ti]
got a tool in my pocket and the club just rockin
watching ey’ n-gg- while they girlfriend jocking
they gotta let it go cause n-gg-s already know
i got that thang with me and they just to let it go
i’m trying to mind my business though, tell i hear this n-gg- say yo
“they ain’t n-body, f-ck em” i’m thinking i’m fitting to buss em
wait, look up the city, police is lookin at me
i tell c, he tell doug, they tell jay-z
when you see, then surround em, then call to squirrel me
pick a perfect spot and make sure that they girl see
my man offered dude a drink, he said “what? wuchu think?”
then call from then on all you couldn’t see nuthin but bottles
remy martin to the noggin, bet it bust it wide open
his b-tch standing there hollering while he lying on the floor, sh-t
why you feeling sorry for him? he asked for it
listen ya’ll, here come the moral of the story


[2nd verse: jay-z]
rap music is something ain’t it? the way these pictures is painted
you swear these n-gg-s is dangerous, the gangsta sh-t they be saying
lock em up in the booth with a half ounce of that cannabis
sit back, and watch the outlandish sh-t they portraying
but, soon as you see em they freeze up like in museums
them statues, you like, “is that the dude, that said he was gonna (pop you)”
n-gg-s get running before you finish ya sentence
and then they back to riffing, when they off at the safe distance
you like, you was just here, you disappear like magicians
in thin air, i’m like d-mn, n-gg- at least keep it consistent
i hear you baiting me lately, i been doing my best just to stay hater free
still watch what you say to me
sooner or later i take you up on your offer
and put you all in ya place like i’m replacing ya father
you talking, to the author, the architect of the blueprint
my dna in ya music, m-th-f-cka you stupid?


[3rd verse: ti]
cuz i ain’t never been a sucka, been gangsta my whole life
so a n-gg- disrespect me and it’s on on sight
i hear what you say in ya song, some of that i don’t like
keep it up, i feel tried, i see you, we gon’ fight
be a man, say my name if you talking to me
you never say it, well i figure you ain’t talking to me
find out you is at the awards or was the code in the streets
i swear i beat ya f-ckin -ss like it ought to be beat
see i ain’t whispering lame, i ain’t one for the game
if i say f-ck you n-gg- then, f-ck you n-gg-, simple and plain
i say no problem, there’s no problem, pimping you do the same
now you just, swallow ya pride cuz you know i’m off the chain
try to refrain from being violent but you come out ya face
i got my lawyer paid up ready to catch me a case
when i feel you disrespected me, i’mma get me a k
but all this sh-t can be avoided one way…