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tierra george – treat me like somebody (remix) lyrics


[verse 1]
i remember, when i was with ya, we were the perfect picture we never fussed but when we did we came with it
& we knew that wasn’t gonn split us
but i swear to god when i close my eyes i swear to god when i close my eyes i think about you
& i think about you & i think about you & i think about you
i’d be lying if i said i didn’t think about you
cause i think about youuu
how you said you was nothing like them other guys
i believed you once again i fell for your lies
starting over i don’t want to i’m just so tired
gave you another chance, i swear i tried
all you did was lie the same lullaby
this love is real a blind man could see it with his eyes
i tried , i tried

why couldn’t you keep it real from the start huh
why you had to play with a n-gg- heart huh
lately things feeling kinda distant seem like we fallin’ apart huh
why you fill my head with the bullsh-t
can’t you tell that i put my all in this
how you stop yo feelings so quick?
cause you wanna f-ck around with anotha b-tch
keep it real, do you really think its worth it
ask yourself does she really deserve this
so hurt and lost inside bro
she a hoe you a hoe you deserve her
all i’m getting from you is mixed feelings
i think it’s time to call the quits and end this
swear to god i wish i never met you
look at all the pain u put me through
told lies just to get me in bed and i believed every word that you said
while you was fillin’ up my head i was lookin’ for love instead and i ain’t got time to be no cuddle buddy
cause it seems that’s all you wanted from me
and you didn’t stop to think how i feel yo hurt but it’s gonna take some time to heal cause you is what i’ve been missin’
yo smell yo touch yo kisses
but you carry yo feelings with it
you wasn’t lying when you said you ain’t sh-t
now i gotta try and move on and its crazy cause i still wanna hold on
to somethin’ that can never be
when don’ i gave you all of me
and i don’t wanna be with another dude when i don’ got so used to you
i don’ caught feelings, mad feelings that i don’t wanna loose

now the reason why somebody real is hard to find
cause n-gg-s got one thing on their mind
girl stop looking for love ya wastin’ ya time
they gon’ be tell you they love you jus’ to play with ya mind