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tiffany (cateyeliner) – unsure lyrics


oh, why we start to talk with people who say “have a nice day!” yeah..
stop it!
’cause how would you know that my dog died in morning?
how would you know that my dad not get fired?

[verse 1: ?]

[verse 2: bladee]
when you look at me and hate on me, i’m a mirror (mirror)
if you look at me and don’t like me what does that say about you?
i am king nothing, i am nothing
take a bunch of empty words and make them mean something
i’ve been getting no gifts for a while, is christmas coming?
i’m a good boy on the track, no cussing
please do not give me any more flak, i am struggling
i’m about to start crying in my bed, evil words spin around my head (ha)
i— i— i— i’m going crazy (ha)
i’m bladee, she call me blade+e (ha)
angel or demon maybe (ha)
i’m trying do what i can (ha)
can you plеase comprehend mе?
why can’t you understand?
i’ll shine some glory on your life (i don’t know)
i am not anyone, i’m just some air inside the air
a piece of sand in all the sand, drop of water in the ocean
it may not seem that way, but i can promise you it’s that
but enough of that, i’m coming back, i jump right back into the trash
[chorus: bladee]
walk on promised roads (ha), i could take a joke (haha)
have you ever seen a ghost? (ghost)
pop out, pop out like a toast, you woke up late, the breakfast’s closed
you know i don’t brag (brag) but i’m ’bout to boast (ha)

you really don’t need to [?] and comin’ up to me and say “have a nice day!”
i hate that

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