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timothy welbeck – mr. incredible lyrics


verse 1
i used to do exciting things with my time, then i went to law school/where all we do is read treatises and articles from law reviews/textbooks, and statutes, then we argue too/people look at me confused, like, “r are you happy dude”/you used to have the word of life spilling through speakers/now you’re spending all of your nights reading civil procedure/a little, torts, a little property, but red we need you/to preach to the streets and help them believe too/you’ve got to teach the word of god, go and scream it out/even if you’re not leaping buildings in single bounds/your days used to be filled with super heroics/your flow is potent/more powerful than locomotives/is this really the life you’ve chosen/sitting behind a desk with both of your arms folded/filling out briefs, filing a couple motions/do you really love it, or are you just going through the motions


verse 2

when i tell them this is what i’ve chosen, and i have no regrets/they usually respond by telling jokes that aren’t appropriate/like, “the only good lawyer is in the grave, then you know he’s dead”/the jokes never end, but one day i am sure they will show respect/but right now it seems like i go through/because they ain’t joking when they tell us that we’re bogus men/they say we’re shysters and charlatans/lying to win arguments/they rarely believe this is the field god has called me it/they say my life is devoured by the hour/and i’ll struggle to juggle life outside the ivy towers/to the naysayers, that could be the only outcome/but the would rather me live a life that they could be proud of/and fly through the air with a cape an cowl/because the super heroes they know, they have powers/but i’m still a super hero, how’s that sounding to you/i just traded spandex and boots for an italian suit


verse 3
when i would first start off, i couldn’t say i foresaw it all/i just knew the call involved the law/so i dutiful packed my nissan sentra/and knew what lay beyond me was a beautiful adventure/the trek was beset with obstacles/many were foreseeable/some were the type i could not foreknow/i slept on a friend’s apartment floor/some of my books i could not afford/those were not the things i would be stopping for/the lord showed me what i was getting my juris doctorate for/he wanted another lawyer to fulfill his intentions/like the founder fathers who declared our independence/or those who race to the courts when our rights need defending/those men and women show the law can be your friend then/a skinny lawyer from illinois bested the secessionists/another had us believing in the best within/he had us talking about hope/yes, he did/even jesus advocates for us wretched men/if you knew that, you’d probably respect us then/in the mean time i’m just trying to walk in step with him