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tino sutra – while you bleed lyrics


[verse 1: tino sutra]
of course, i’m gon’ show a lack a remorse
my life been bruises and sores
shoulder strength depleted, i plead then proceed on course
four course dinners then back on my workforce
as mama wait on two jobs, my family ties feeling forced
two o’s in the whip with two hands fitting the mold
nineteen seen my pops rock silver like it was gold
visine for the way lights flashed, i’m getting old
no will but this prince gon’ to fed what he was told
type people showed me wrongs directions when i was novice
say what it be then block you off screens like they wallace
don’t mean sh+t to me
when people feel like they could switch with me
used to making plays with the lower hand like my wrist on fleek
get me through the week

[verse 2: tino sutra]
backwoods hanging out my pocket
pray that my mama ain’t watching
nineteen had dreams turn lucid while holding profits
keep your head up held high, hands tied when you opt+in
seen the evils start moving when you blessed with some options
people speaking like prophets, forty texts on the phone
pick the jury to judge me at the moments that we seem pr+ne
still flipping our broken homes, hope we ain’t home alone
bugging doors from the paranoia while working foreclosed
my shorty need me the most, i can’t figure my roles
reading prophecies in the privacy of my own home
and she said that i’m going off the deep with my ways
in a pool full of sharks while you bleed is when you pray
[outro: tino sutra]
time is metronome, have it set in stone
how you really feel?
guess we’ll never know
pray to flip the roles