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tipage96 - fruit salad lyrics


i hope this beat isn’t copyrighted or anything
it said ‘free’ in the youtube title i swear

i just changed my brother’s passwords, his credentials are invalid
the restaurant’s lookin’ high ’cause i put crack in the fruit salad
this noob went and ate my m+ffins so i slapped him across the face
i rigged my brother’s baseball game there’s landmines at third base
they thought i had grenades but really it was just a sack of limes
just bought a pickle off a homeless man for two quarters and a dime
i just ate 27 oreos my stomach is full of cream
my cousin k!lled a 4 year old and told me it was for a meme
i just scammed a grandma who was 89 years old
i left a mango in the freezer ’til it started growin’ mold
then i gave it to some dude with a sword, he said that wasn’t cool
so i pulled out a sword of my own, and then we had a duel
my homie got framed for tax evasion by an 8 year old
i found that stupid little kid and stuffed him in a pot of gold
convinced a guy he overdosed on tic tacs, he thought they were hard drugs
i’m makin’ a scene in the china shop by throwing coffee mugs

he’s annoying as h+ll, he’s makin’ me wanna go p+ss my pants
i scammed a kid on roblox for an item worth 9 cents
i’m out here playing fortnite in real life, i’m buildin’ sniper towers
i’m actin’ like i have a mythical man, i got superpowers
just finished washin’ dishes i just made a whole ass dollar
some guy gave me a virus he’s a godd+mn installer
i just opened the fridge and found a jar of pickles, yum yum yum
we named the song fruit salad ’cause i really like the wiggles
bro, i just watched a 10 hour compilation of skibidi toilet, i don’t wanna go to the bathroom anymore
i just threw a bowl at my brother that thing got redirected
just cl!cked on a sketchy link and got frickin’ redirected
was lookin’ around, and then i spotted john cena
i was like, “what the h+ll man? i ain’t supposed to see ya”
i just knocked a guy out with a christmas tree

sold some dude some apple juice but it was really just my pee

i just caught my little cousin swimming laps around his bathtub

just made a minecraft video and posted it on p+rnhub

i just slaughtered an entire village, in minecraft

i love animal cruelty, in minecraft

i just k!lled a guy with a stick, in minecraft

i just shot a guy right in his d+ck

in minecraft, right?

alright, whatever bro
i pulled up on the ops and now i’m hiding in their walls

i never use a toothbrush i just brush my t++th with b+lls

how the h+ll do you make almond milk ’cause almonds aren’t mammalian

i just flew to mars and ate the b+lls right off an alien
yesterday i went and i delivered pure columbian
i tried to do a backflip off a building but i hurt my sh+t
today i tried to face time with 18 of yo moms
sadly the police found my secret stash of, between 9 and 14 000 nuclear bombs

i’m burnin’ forests with a flamethrower, i ran out of propane
he scrolled for hours watchin’ clock in studio, he watchin’ oshane
i fought a guy he was so high on drugs that he felt no pain
i asked him what he took and then he told me it was cocaine
i just ate some food they told me it was steak, but it was armadillo
my bro misunderstood a pillow fight, he went a fought a pillow
uncle lost his brush and now his hair look like a weeping willow
i like to steal identities and then i sold my neighbour’s house on zillow
he’s 5’3 and loves to play with b+lls, i call him muggsy bogues
the b+lls are too big for him, i call him indiana jones
nah, it’s actually kind of crazy though that he was able to like, dunk with a giant beach ball
huh? what did you guys think i was talking about? anyways
my emo cousin pulled up to a daycare they thought he was batman
i just bought some plutonium, i’m bouta build a fat man
i tried to pet a little kitty cat, i scared him and that cat ran
someone please give me a benadryl, i’m tryna see the hat man
i got beef with the hat man ’cause he stole my frickin’ ravioli
i’m good to call with him on facetime, i’ll just simply beat his ass remotely
i don’t have a lot of beef, it’s just the hat man, he’s my one and only
i found a benadryl and turned his ass into a roly poly
+fading out+
basically, what i meant when i said like “turn him into a roly poly”
i dunno, like, i hit him, and then he like curled up into a ball for some reason, i dunno, it was kinda weird

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